We’ve all used a photo booth before. They’re tons of fun—you sit down with a few of your (now literally) closest friends and a few flashes later you have a fun/hilarious/romantic/poignant memory of your night out. But what if it could be more than that? What if you stepped away from the featureless white background and took a truly unique picture—one that captured the spirit and energy of the night? That’d be a Büth.

Büth Photo booths are highly-customizable studio-style photo booths by Zack DeZon, a Brooklyn-based portrait and fashion photographer. By utilizing studio lighting techniques and equipment, Büth photo booths are far more portable, adaptable, and creative than your run-of-the mill photo booth. When you order a Büth for your party or event, you are engaged in an artistic discussion in which everything from location to lighting to color correction and even prop/background styling is up to you.

Of course, if that all sounds exhausting, you can always keep it simple.


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